all you need to know about polo in Monaco

Monte Carlo Polo Club:  all you need to know about Monte Carlo polo club and Monte Carlo polo in Monaco

Monte-Carlo Polo club

Monte Carlo polo club is a brand that has been existing since 1988.

It’s been registered in Monaco at that time, by the actual owner of the magazine Royal Monaco and its associated blog It has nothing to do with Mr Francesco Mitrano who is pretending he is organizing a polo tournament, july 2014.

Should you be interested in one or the other of the brands Monte Carlo Polo Club and Royal Monaco as registered in Monaco please contact

Monte Carlo Polo: who and what and where

The very serious  and dedicated Monte Carlo Polo Team was set up by longtime Monaco resident and Polo player Rommy Gianni, who also represented Italy in the World Cup. The Team play mainly in the South of France and in the Alpine Snow Polo Tournament in Cortina Italy. It has nothing to do with Mr Francesco Mitrano who is pretending he is organizing a polo tournament, july 2014

Very strangely, an italian man called Francesco Mitrano came up with a new Monte carlo Polo Club association one year ago. After one year of existence, there are no affiliates or members in this association appart from the founding members.

Mr Mitrano is now communicating on a tournament which is supposed to be held in Beausoleil, on the Devens Stadium. But strangely enough, the city of Beausoleil recently confirmed that all contract with Monte Carlo   Polo Club  has been cancelled 2 month ago! see letter

annulation letter for Monte Carlo Polo CLub  in Beausoleil stadium

full article here about contract cancellation of Mitrano’s Monte Carlo polo club in Beausoleil

 So one wonders how a tournament can be organized on a piece of land with no legal contract.

Mr Mitrano also explains he is running a « polo school » . But until today, he has not asked any legal authorizations for  that, nor applied to any official procedure ! And pictures on location clearly show that there is nothing existing.

 No club house, no boxes for horses , just a lawn which is now used by young boys to practice football and a piece of land which has been completely illegally built on a piece of land belonging to the city of Beausoleil, with no contract or authorizations attached to it !!! This all lead to corruption suspicions and the case is under investigation by the French administration.

the miserable monte carlo polo club schoolhere the document  written on february 23rd on the left says  » I inform you in any case that we have cancelled the contract  on february 11th 2014″

  Is this the glorious « Club house » for Monte Carlo polo club, as announced but Francesco Mitrano on his website?

« Join Our  Polo School After the successful debut tournament in summer of  2013 … the Monte-Carlo Polo Club opened its own polo school at the beginning of this year. Experienced players as well as newcomers can find the right coaches and appropriate training at the polo school. »

 Is this a joke or a scam?

 Mitrano announces also on his website that Prince Albert of Monaco has supposedly given His High Patronage to the event! It seems impossible that the staff and administration did not check the legal aspects of the event organization!

 We’ll keep you posted

all you need to know about Polo in Monaco

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